Grass-fed Grass-finished LAMB

Just like our cattle, our sheep are strictly grass-fed and grass-finished, no grain ever. They are rotated every two days onto a new pasture. The sheep help maintain our pastures by eating many 'weeds' that the cattle do not prefer. A perfect partnership! Sheep are a newer addition to our farm. We will be offering limited quantities of our lamb cuts a couple of times a year until we can grow our flock to offer it year-round.

$4.00/lb. Avg. 4.5 lb.

Lamb Rib Chop 'Ribeye', bone-in

4/pkg (1-1.80# /pkg)
$26.00/lb. Avg. 1.3 lb.

Lamb Ribs

1 rack/pkg (1-2# /pkg)
$10.00/lb. Avg. 1.4 lb.

Lamb Shank (leg bone & meat)

2/pkg (2-3# /pkg)
$14.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.
$15.00/lb. Avg. 1.1 lb.

Lamb Tongue

4/pkg (.50-.80# /pkg)
$8.00/lb. Avg. 9.6 oz.

Leg of Lamb, bone-in

1/pkg (2-4# /ea.)
$18.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

Leg of Lamb, boneless

1/pkg (1-3# /ea.)
$19.50/lb. Avg. 2 lb.