Farrar Family Farm

Est. 2013

Our goal is to provide you with wholesome and delicious meat. We accomplish this by responsibly raising our animals using regenerative farming methods. We mimic the patterns found in nature and use rotational grazing practices. We work hard to ensure that the food we raise for our customers (and ourselves) is of the highest quality and nutritionally dense. By using these natural farming methods, we are able to produce vibrant soil and nutrient-rich grasses for our livestock to graze- all while leaving the land better than we found it!

We go the extra mile to provide you with trustworthy, clean meat. We raise our animals in a sustainable way that harkens back to a time when things were simpler and we looked to nature as the example. Our farming methods not only improve and heal the land but also produce healthy and happy animals. One big benefit of these natural practices is that our animals stay healthy all on their own without any interventions. We never use any hormones, antibiotics, or 'drugs' on our animals. We never spray our pastures or treat them with synthetics or chemicals. Just sunshine, rain, and manure from our own healthy animals.

The result of these natural methods is high-quality meat that you can trust. Everything that we sell is raised by us on our family farm near Adrian, MO.

Visit our main informational website to view several pictures of our farming practices in action. You will find even more detailed information there about how we raise each of our animals: https://farrarfamilyfarmkc.com/

Gabe & Katie Farrar